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Here’s the complete overview of Willard and Spackman’s Occupational Therapy 11th Edition:

This market-leading text and reference provides the most current, comprehensive presentation of occupational therapy concepts and practice. Following the authors’ clear guidance and expertly crafted exercises, readers will learn how to apply a client-centered, occupational and evidence-based approach across the full gamut of practice settings.

Completely updated and revised, this Eleventh Edition reflects a greater emphasis on evidence and the growing focus on occupation as the basis for practice. Plus, this edition has greatly expanded its first-person narratives, offering unique insights into the experience of living with disease or disability. A new unit, Occupation and Health in Society, addresses social and health policy, health promotion, community integration, and occupational justice.

A companion website offers student and instructor ancillaries.

Features of Willard and Spackman’s Occupational Therapy 11th Edition

Here’s a quick overview of the essential features of this book:

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Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Willard and Spackman’s Occupational Therapy 11th Edition:

UNIT I: Occupational Science and the Nature of Humans

Chapter 1: The Making and Mattering of Occupational Science
Chapter 2: What is Occupation?

UNIT II: Narrative Perspectives on Occupation and Disability

Chapter 10: Narrative as a Key to Understanding
Chapter 11: An Excerpt from The Book of Sorrows, Book of Dreams: A First-Person Narrative
Chapter 12: He’s Not Broken-He’s Alex: Three Perspectives
Chapter 13: While Focusing on Recovery I Forgot to Get a Life
Chapter 14: The Privilege of Giving Care
Chapter 15: Voices Talk, Hands Write
Chapter 16: Mobilizing the Collective Action of Disabled Women in Developing Contexts to Tackle Poverty and Development

UNIT III: Occupation and Health in Society

Chapter 17: Social and Health Policies in the United States
Chapter 18: Health Promotion
Chapter 19: Community Integration
Chapter 20: Occupational Justice

UNIT IV: Profile of the Occupational Therapy Profession

Chapter 21: The History of Occupational Therapy
Chapter 22: Contemporary Occupational Therapy Practice in the United States
Chapter 23: Contemporary Occupational Therapy Practice Worldwide
Chapter 24: Occupational Therapy Professional Organizations
Chapter 25: Occupational Therapy Practitioners: Competence and Professional Development

UNIT V: OT Values and Beliefs in Action

Chapter 28: Ethical Decision Making in Occupational Therapy Practice
Chapter 29: Client-Centered Collaboration

UNIT VI: The Therapeutic Process

Chapter 32: Professional Reasoning in Practice
Chapter 33: The Therapeutic Relationship

UNIT VII: Communication in Occupational Therapy

Chapter 38: Team Interaction Models and Team Communication
Chapter 39: Documentation in Practice

UNIT VIII: Conceptual Basis for Practice

Chapter 42: Theory and Practice in Occupational Therapy
Chapter 43: Ecological Models in Occupational Therapy

UNIT IX: Occupational Therapy Practice

Chapter 46: The Occupational Therapy Process
Chapter 47: Critiquing Assessments

UNIT X: OT Evaluation and Intervention: Occupations

Chapter 48: Activities of Daily Living and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
Chapter 49: Care Giving and Child Rearing

UNIT XI: OT Evaluation and Intervention: Personal Factors

Chapter 53: Overview of Personal Factors Affecting Performance
Chapter 54: Musculoskeletal Factors

UNIT XII: OT Evaluation and Intervention: Environments

Chapter 60: Physical Environments
Chapter 61: Assistive Technology and Wheeled Mobility

UNIT XIII: Therapists in Action: Examples of Expert Practice

Chapter 63: School-Based Practice: Enabling Participation
Chapter 64: There’s No Place Like Home: Occupational Therapy Services for People Who Are Homeless

UNIT XIV: Managing Practice

Chapter 67: Management of Occupational Therapy Services
Chapter 68: Supervision

UNIT XV: Common Conditions: Related Resources and Evidence

UNIT XVI: Occupational Therapy Resource Summaries: Practice Settings

UNIT XVII: Table of Assessments: Listed Alphabetically by Title



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