Time Management Strategies for OET

The Occupational English Test(OET ) is widely recognized as the cornerstone for all aspirants who wish to work abroad in the medical field. Those who are interested in working in an English-speaking environment should give more importance to time management strategies.

OET and Time Management

Managing your time effectively can only help the candidates to crack the OET within a limited period. If you are an aspirant who wishes to effectively utilize the time to score good marks, you should know the advanced strategies to manage the time effectively. The OET test consists of reading, writing, speaking and listening sub-tests. The candidates should crack each of the subtests to get the best OET scores. 

Candidates who wish to crack the OET test should know basic time management skills. Time management is the decisive force which can automatically boost the performance potential of the candidates. The candidates should understand the importance of time management in the OET exam. 

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You have to prioritize the topics wisely and focus on the major tasks. Prioritizing is the most crucial aspect of the exam. You should avoid the tendency to multitask while you attend the OET test. There are possibilities where you have to skip questions to manage the time effectively.

How you skip and which questions you skip is crucial. You have to avoid distractions to succeed in the exam. You need to have a structured plan for the demo and mock tests. You have to delegate and get organized in the best possible ways. You have to adopt the pre and post-test preparation strategies to manage the time most effectively.

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Strategies for OET Time Management

While you prepare to crack the test, you need to familiarize yourself with the format of speaking, listening, reading and writing. You need to understand the difficulty level, structure and nature of the questions and the answers that you are going to prepare beforehand. Practicing with the sample tests can help you to get on the time management strategies.

The next step that you can adopt is to develop active listening skills by engaging in the listening activity. Regularly, if you can practice the listening tests. You can listen to the podcasts, demo videos, lecturers, recordings, resources and medical conversations to get a grip on how the time can be adjusted.

This will eventually improve your ability to grasp the accents which will help you to save your time in the main exam. Your familiarity with the medical terminologies will also help you to improve your potential to complete the task within the time limit.

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Creating Better Approach

Make sure that you are creating better strategies for each of the sessions. You have to be very clear about the approach you are going to adopt. You have to consider the strengths and weaknesses while considering the time strategies that you wish to adopt. Give more focus to the challenges and hard sessions and this will give a basic insight into how you shall approach your main exam.

Stress on the Keywords

While you are attending the exam, give more focus to the keywords and the focal phrases within the passage. You have to jot down the key phrases the moment you get the questions. The keywords are the storehouse of the answers to the questions in each of the sessions. If you can jot down the key phrases from the passages, you can save your time while attending the main exam.

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Develop Shorthand 

The short-hand method is the most favorable way for the candidates to save their time and effort while attending the exam. The short-hand method will help you to quickly jot down the major points from a passage. This can save you time.

You can manage your time. You can listen to the audio and at the same time jot down the main points to save time. You have to practice this method before attending the technique inside the exam center. This can save you time to a great extent. 

Skim Through the Answers

You have to skim through the questions and set the answers in your mind. Before you listen to the audio, you need to skim through the questions. You can listen to the important sections in the passage if you know the question thoroughly. You should know what to focus on and what not. You can find the answers easily and save time in this manner.

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Divide Between the Sections Wisely

You have to utilize the time wisely for each section. The time you spend on each section is more important while dealing with the questions. You should know the techniques to use the brief pauses in between the sections. You can utilize the time in a much wiser way. You can prepare in your mind how to answer the questions wisely without wasting time.

Stay Focused

You have to stay calm and focused while you attend to the questions. Keep listening if you wish not to skip the keywords and key phrases from the passages. This will allow you to save your time most effectively.

Review Quickly

During the OET exam, review your answers real quick. You have to review the answers before finally submitting. Reviewing the answers quickly by allotting time for each section can help you to save time. Make sure that your answers are clear and exact. Correct your answers and save your time from last-minute hassle.

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Regular Practice 

Regular practice can help you to save time. The candidates should attend all the past OET question papers to improve the speed and accuracy of the candidates. If you can work on the speed and accuracy part, you can automatically enhance your time management skills by working on the accuracy.

Improve the Pace

You have to improve the pace with precision which can help you to wind up the exam in the given time. The pace is significant while attending the OET exam. The OET exam is time-oriented, and if you know the right way to approach the exam, you can successfully crack the upcoming OET exam.

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Time management Tips for Reading 

Composing your period in Part A of the OET Reading examination is critical.  You have to answer all 20 questions in 15 minutes. It sounds like a really hard and challenging task but you should understand that the proper time management strategies can save you.

Reading takes time, but the practice will provide you with enough space to properly utilize your reading time. Make sure you are answering the questions in the proper order. The preferably periodic matching queries are brief successes. Employ them to gain a sense of the range of each passage.

Make sure that you are focusing on the keywords and phrases in the passage to make the answering more easy. Never rewrite the fundamental query. Glance for a single phrase or brief expression in the texts that match the answer choice.

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Every minute in the reading test counts. Parts B and C of the OET Reading test are very crucial. The candidates will get 45 minutes. You have to answer the two questions within 45 minutes. If you spend time thinking about the part b questions, you will lose your quality. Part C has long passages and you might feel that time is running out. So spend time answering each question wisely.

keep track of the time which is the most important criterion out of the lot. The candidate should spend only 10 minutes or less than 10 minutes to attend Part B. Scan for the key phrases by skimming through the passage and finding the answer real quickly.

Reserve at least 35 minutes to attend Part C questions and answers. Make sure you are separating time equally between parts B and C passages. Read for more in-depth familiarity and respond to questions consecutively. If you are unable to find the right answer, leave the question then and there and come back later.

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Strategically use the clock. The test delivers a perceptible clock but bypasses scanning it regularly. Concentrate on your processes and delegate your approach. You have to skim titles and subheadings to grasp the overall content of each text. In Part B, skim headings and topic sentences for a general understanding.

Knowing the format of the text will help you to answer the question much easier without wasting time thinking. Make sure to answer queries in the hierarchy they occur. Each query concentrates on a characteristic element of the passage.

Time management Tips for Listening 

You have to utilize the pre-listening time most effectively. You should read the passages priori and underline the keywords. Before the audio begins, you need to underline the key phrases in the passage.

Even if you miss any of the questions, you have to move on to the next question without waiting for more. You have to plan how to attend your exam effectively. Check your answers and see whether your answers are logically correct.

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Time management Tips for Writing

You have to use the time while attending the writing session. Make sure you are reading the task within the allotted time and write with precision. Identify the key ideas given in the case notes. You have to read and understand the concepts discussed in the passages.

Identification of the major aspects discussed in the passages plays a vital role in writing. Thus you can save time. Plan the letter and allot 5 minutes as reading time, You can complete the writing within 40 minutes. Organize your answers and stick to the structure of the writing.

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Time management Tips for Speaking

The OET speaking time is limited and the candidates should know the tips and tricks to manage the time effectively. You have to express your ideas coherently. The ideas should be evenly managed. You should control the pace while speaking. The pacing should be developed through constant practice.

 Time management skills in the OET exam determine the pass percentage. You will be efficient enough to crack the exam if you prepare well. The OET exam solely depends upon the time. The OET exam, in short, is a time-based exam. If you wish to crack the exam, you should be in a position to understand the importance of acquiring time management skills. 

Entri’s OET Coaching will allow you to train yourself systematically to understand time management strategies. The team of expert faculties will guide you properly. The comprehensive study plan and regular practice sessions will aid the candidates who are currently preparing for the OET to crack the exam effortlessly. Entri’s OET coaching will equip you to land your dream job abroad.

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